The power within

You know that feeling where you sometime feel like ruling the world but then it all changes and you feel lonely. The feeling of regret and isolation come to mind and you can’t do anything about it except cry. This has happened to me. Different events, different aspects of life were hitting me at one time. Because I was young and naive I chose not to do much about them. At first I ignored it, thinking they were just hormones, but then they got worse. I cried myself to sleep and thought of screaming at the top of my lungs for no apparent reason. I was broken. I was confused. After months, almost a year of suffering through this trauma, I thought enough is enough. For the first time in my life I chose to not conform or cooperate with the situation nor did I fight it. I stepped away from it and created a stronger me out of it. I started channeling my anger and regret into my writing and poetry. I began to study harder and forget about whatever happened in my past. I began figuring out who I truly am and how I can impact the world one step at a time. This was just a step. This was my step, but you can also take a step into discovering yourself.

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