I’m upset

I’m ruined

For what I did was not worth it
I blew it
I should have knew it
My tears were not coming from my eyes but from my heart
What should I do?
Give up…
Or go on
Should I let it go
Or keep holding on
Is this it? is this life?
What have I done?
Was this right?
I made a mistake
I knew it was not right
I knew it would not uphold my right
It became me
It overtook me
It ruined me
But I did not give up
I kept holding on
It tried to rip me into pieces
But I did not let it
I pulled and pulled
But fate does not determine who I am
I am me
I am undefeated
I am courageous
I am vitorious
I will fight and fight until my death
I will fight until it quits
And even after it quits
I’ll fight and fight and make sure it never comes back
Because I am a fighter
I am a survivor
No one know my capability
no one knows about my capabilities
I am who I am
I am me
And one one can take that away from me

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