With every piece of fredom comes a restriction. With every dream comes a nightmare. With every bit of joy comes a bit of sadness. To take a step forward you must take a step back.

​Women throughout history have been discouraged due to their gender and “weaknesses”. Two hundred years ago girls were not allowed to go to school and pursue a proper career. They were told to be poise, polite, and take care of their husbands. Twenty years ago if a young girl said she wanted to be a scientist, engineer, or the president people would just laugh at her and say that she is living in ” a dream world ” because according to society women are not capable of doing such things. Now a days women are given more rights then before but now it’s according to race. So a brown girl would be restricted in a way such as being questioned about everything. If she was going somewhere even if it’s for something academic her parents would ask her… where are you going? What are you doing? What are you going to wear? Who are you going with? Why are you going? and the biggest question… are there going to be any boys there? They also have to ask for permission for everything. An asian girl according to society should be perfect at everything, yet she does not get to make her own decisions and chose her own fate. Now for a hispanic or black girl everyone thinks she has no career she’ll probably become a waitress or something like that. Now this last one. No offense, but according to society white girls can chose their own career path and draw their own fate. These stereotypes need to be vaporized and so young girls of this generation have those hopes and dreams that unfortunately we were not given due to societal rules.
Due to society’s thoughts and beliefs women were deprived of their hopes and dreams throughout history due to gender and race. To change these superstitions we all need to take a step into breaking this barrier between race and gender, so these restritions can become one’s freedom.

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