Are youth organizations actually helpful?

Don’t you ever feel that life is being unfair to not just you but to equality in general. Government and corruption have been ruining the lives of adults for eternity but now they’re after the youth. Manipulating yout to believe they are not good enough. Saying that other kids are better than them. And all of this is not taken lightly. Oh no some individuals can take it in and become a stronger individual from it while others feel that it should be the end of their lives. 

Organizations such as the mayor youth council are ruining the youth. Yes life is a competition but corruption makes sure that students who make the city “look good” are the only ones chosen while the others are oppressed by the system and depressed as it seems. Now this does not occur in big cities… well as of my knowledge but in small cities that are growing into larger ones such as the “great” city of Sugar Land make sure the minority is never seen. The pressure from a parent is past down to the child. Children who have got everything their heart desired as a child are able to get whatever they want as they get older. Students who cheat and have “special connections” are the one’s who always prosper. Why has thus been the basic principles of modern day society? Students who are in multiple clubs and honor societies and have officer positions in these organization are the one’s who able to get in other organizations whether they are within school or outside. This is also what occurs in organizations such as the mayor youth council. Passion, hardwork, interest, and commitment is neglected and rejected while what looks good on paper is praised. 

I was inspired to write this post from a petition that was sent to me. The creator is fighting to make the Sugar Land Mayor Youth Council open to both high school juniors and seniors. I support this and I’d like to help the cause… here’s the link 


Petition by iPetitions

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And support the cause!

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