Story of life

The days that we for seek

Are the days we forgotten

Things that we achieve

Are not achieven

Direct or indirect

My path was shown

to be me

I must me bold

I must uphold

I must confold

Oh and wait don’t forget that

To achieve

To what you have perceived

To what you must be

Is what I must plead

I don’t know what to do

So what should I do

Should I not

Should I just let it go?

Forsaken to overthrow

I don’t know

But remember that even if you do know

You will never be the best

You will never pass the test

The test of life

Which is a pest

It will make sure you are suppressed

Do you understand the contrast ?

It’s not that the test is hard

It’s rigged

It will annoy you

Until you lose your patients

And don’t forget this

Life is complicated

So be ready to face the challenges

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