What do you say?

Please do not conceive

For what I have to believe

Exemplified by this disbelief

That this pain is brief

I am not a thief

So why am I to blame

For journeying through life

With a thought of disdain

Reasons for why we act

A certain way

Cannot be for say

Till this day I must pray

for what I display

Do not worry they must convey

It is just for a day

You will be fine

God will show you the way

Then I ask them  

What I have done

Is it my fault where I have none

To be tortured as if I have gone astray

Should I pray?

Should I betray myself?

Should I display someone else?

Where I will decay and stay away from what reality has to throw away.

Or should I give it all away

And runaway

Please tell me what do you say?

Comment below and tell me  “what do you say?” And what are your stance on life and journeying through it? 

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